THE THEATRE LABORATORY is a programme dedicated to educationalists and teachers from Warsaw crèches and playschools. It is a unique project connecting educational environment and theatre. THE THEATRE LABORATORY is about exchanging knowledge and experience, the right time and place for sharing views on the role that the theatre plays in developing imagination and sensitivity of small children. Above all, it is a programme for all those who are interested in expanding their skills and competence in using the language of the theatre and enriching methods of creative work with children.
Taking part in the project is free and includes:
  • participation in 14 workshops conducted by actors, directors, international practitioners and experts on the subject of performing for the youngest
  • participation in all performances and festival events
  • participation in content-related conference
  • possibility of meeting the artists and invited guests
Final result of our practice, searching and reflections as well as of the impressions and experience gathered during the workshops carried out within the scope of the Theatre Laboratory programme will be creating screenplays of workshops and performances featuring children. All participants will have an opportunity to use these scenarios while working with the group of children at their workplace.
Additional information:
  • participation in the project is free
  • enrolling for the programme requires participation in all scheduled workshops and obliging to prepare a final project that will reflect knowledge gathered during the theatrical workshops. Participants will then use this knowledge to carry out their own workshops at their workplace – playschool or crèches
  • participants will be supported by merits-related mentor, especially while working on their final projects
  • all workshops will be interpreted into Polish