During 27-19 June the stage of Stara Prochownia SCEK has changed into a big painting workshop. Dansmakers Amsterdam, group from Netherlands delighted the audience with their dance – dance without any special costumes, but with untypical props: buckets, paintbrushes and a huge painting, made on the stage by their own bodies. The performance „Colour” and beautiful rhytm of the tango dance at the beginning, had inspired the youngest audience. But afterwards also adults  started their spontaneous acting on the stage. First, paints were set in motion, then paintbrushes, pencils, fingers, hands and feet – incredible works of art were coming into existence and such a colourful and happy audience you will never see for sure!


Color is a lively dance performance by choreographer Gaia Gonnelli. In her work Gaia Gonnelli combines dance, theater, live music and other art disciplines. She is interested in creating work that encourages children to use their own, autonomous imagination. It offers them the contours for interpretation, but not the bite-sized meanings.