First spectators of the festival appeared in Stara Prochownia long before the morning performance had begun. They knew that this is an unique expanse, ideal space for young explorers – full of surprises, labyrinths and nooks and crannies with great basements open up to the amphitheatre, and small garden which, on the duration of the festival, we filled in everything children love the most: colourful balls, beanbags and pillows, bricks and jigsaws. Children could experiment with all of these when they were waiting for the performance.

Owing to the fact that an unusual sensory installation was arisen in the amphitheatre, you could verbally and figuratively day-dream.


Théâtre de la Guimbarde from Belgium opened The International Theatre Festival For Early Years with an extremely warm performance „ETC.” Laudly applauded performance told a story about two strangers – Pierre and Amel. They met in mysterious garden full of sensory surprises. The scenography made of multicoloured yarn, pieces of fabrics and wood and was inspired by illustrated books by Catherine Pineur. After the performance ended, it was the great exploring place for the youngest. On behalf of actors we would like to say ‘thank you’ for such a warm reception and for a lot of positive comments. At the end of the performance, every spectator got a souvenir in the form of worsted bracelet. 

The last two performances for nursery school children was full of sensations: we saw tens of sparks in children eyes and we heard peals of laughter. Also longer and shorter moments of reflection and curiosity have happened. Any spontaneous and loud comments weren’t missing and any unexpected cheers. A lot of questions were asked to actors when the performance has ended – besides everything you can see on photos, how many emotions raised in them the performance „ ETC.” 


In May, within the framework of the program called „ Theatre Laboratory ” the first workshops took place. Daniela Gineryo - an actress and director of Theatre de la Guimbarde lead them and 40 people took part in it. Participants had an opportunity to extend their skills and expertise in using theatre language and to expand their methods during work with children. 


It was great that you were with us during the International Festival of Theatre for Early Years TAKE PART IN ART – thank you all and see you in June!