Spectacular performance "H2Oof the German Theater HELIOS brought great joy to all viewers who cowdly visited Stara Prochownia during last weekend.


Artists form Theatre HELIOS very seriously approached the subject - they explored the properties of water in all possible ways. They shed, watered, spilled, splashed (each other as well), bubbled, boiled, dissolved, even created water music and images - they acted as explorers fascinated even by the smallest drop. We had the opportunity to see the water in all states of aggregation - from the ice to the water steam. With each scene we became more and more addictive and we are very impressed that the children restrain themselves and did not joined the artists untill the performance has finished. Thank you for hectoliters of ideas for water fun with the little ones. From reliable sources, we know that some children have been tried all of them in a domestic bathroom just after returning from the theater ;)