The International Theatre Festival for Early Years "TAKE PART IN ART” organised by Teatr Małego Widza and co-financed by the City of Warsaw, is the first large event in Poland promoting the concept of “initiation theatre“– a theatre for children from the first year of life.
TAKE PART IN ART will welcome 31 artists from 7 countries, around 5,5 thousand spectators, offer over 100 events, performances, workshops, conferences and meetings. From May to December 2015 the stage of Stara Prochownia will host numerous excellent European theatres, experts and practitioners ,who have been producing and performing for the youngest spectators for years and are undisputed authorities in this area.
The aim of the festival is not only to present the best performance practices, but also to initiate discussion about a small child as a spectator of art and a fully entitled participant of culture. It is an extremely important issue in a social and cultural dimension, yet so rarely raised in public. We truly believe that respecting the right of the youngest children to explore the world of art, and their participation in the artistic process, conducted in a responsible and appropriate way, has an enormous significance for the harmonious development of the child’s sensitivity, emotional intelligence and competence.
...“Children constantly experiment and explore the world, looking at the outcome of it.They do not take anything for granted! Their imagination and ingenuity has no boundaries, yet no one can marvel at everyday life as beautifully as they do. Adults often underestimate simple and trivial things, while children can notice the charm of these things with ease. It is a shame that adulthood takes that ability away from us… Early childhood is the time of exploring, experiencing, experimenting and „touching the world”, discovering and explaining different phenomena, emulating and sharing emotions. The idea behind the theatre for the youngest is to support children in this process. The theatre itself is a perfect place for developing children’s sensitivity and imagination, but also a unique opportunity to stimulate cognitive skills, to think independently, to analyse and to improve concentration.
It is important that we talk to children using their own language, not in an infantile and feigned manner, but sincerely. This is the sincerity of the theatre that does not serve the fame and glory of the artist. Here the actors emotionally live their performance and search for a particular way of communication, knowing that children experience their own space and time. The language of  theatre is merely a tool in an effort to reach the little spectator’s sensitivity. It is an important encounter. This is something more than a theatre…”
Agnieszka Czekierda
Artistic director of the „TAKE PART in ART” festival
General and artistic director of Teatr Małego Widza