Second visit of Teatro Testoni Ragazzi - La Baracca during TAKE PART IN ART festival! Andrea Buzetti presented a beautiful story on our stage. ON-OFF performance is in fact a tribute to the children’s amazement at the behavior of light and to their interest towards controlling it and its intensity through the use of switches. It is a game and a way to help them not be afraid of the darkness.

Light foreman Andrea showed us the light in many surprising, funny and very imaginative scenes - how much fun it was, how much laughter and applause it induced - only those who saw ON-OFF live can tell. Children of nursery and kindergarten groups liked enormously play with the light. There were many children willing to play hide and seek or filming on the carousel. Everyone could blow out candles on Andrea's birthday cake. One moment when the light on the scene extinguished completely, caused a little confusion, but nobody burst into tears! We consider very successfull taming the early years audience with darkness. We will remember this performance with a smile for a long time.


Grazie Andrea !!!