Have you ever eaten scenography? Everyone who came to see „ VEGETABLES ARE OUT FROM THIS WORLD ” - the second performance which was taken place during the TAKE PART IN ART festival had an opportunity to become convinced that eating scenography is possible!  Those who were coming to audytorium, were saying at the beginning: What a nice smell! And how colourful is here! We greeted June with a  huge salad, prepared by all of us and made of zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, cabbages, peppers, leeks and chives. Moreover, the space expanded into many kilometers of vegetables galaxies, modern gabbage space stations and those who are in favour of crunching greens ( even those unconvinced or less experienced were trying new taste ). You all might think that such words as eating and theatre are mutually exclusive, but to everyone’s joy  and undisguised parents delight this time it was different. The experience of eating the scenography is an incredibly cosmic phenomenon. All these attractions were ensured by the Teatr Małego Widza.


The performance „ Vegetables are out of this world ” we could see at the weekend in July during the TAKE PART IN ART festival in Stara Prochownia SCEK on Boleść 2 Street.