Following a small wooden creature (Tutu) made of small pieces of wood we observes his actions - jumps, aerial acrobatics, climbing the trees, small pranks like overturning meticulously arranged large stumps, and finally the search for a colleague for fun. Did he manage to find it - only those who have seen the show knows that. We are pretty sure that from now on, viewers may see in an inconspicuous piece of wood more than others see.

The show WOODBEAT was a fantastic opportunity to explore wonderful properties of wood. With live music we could find out how different sounds it makes, how many different shapes and forms it can take: we coud observe stumps in many sizes, long, short, twisted sticks, heavy wood, roots, sawdust and everything what the artist has managed to combine with these elements on stage. He was also chopping the wood and sawdust at some point literally flew left and right ;)
Many thanks for the artists from Theater HELIOS - it was a very inspiring meeting. We cant't wait for your next show H2O. Thus, see you in November!